Petra Pudová



One Last Time

The new single “One Last Time,” from the upcoming new album “Say It Out Loud,” was released today. I hope you like it. If so, please support it on social networks with your likes and sharing! “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you van do today. Tomorrow might be to late. The most valuable thing we can give is our time … we will never get it back. Live as if every minute could be the last! Do not hesitate and live!” That’s the message of “One Last Time “. The video was published today on Youtube. Downloads and Streaming, downloading and listening, is “One Last Time” on Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Pandora, Spotify and many more. Downloads and streaming of “One Last Time ” are available on Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Pandora, Spotify and many more.


The video invented, the script was prepared, but the weather at home did not like us. Fortunately, we found a great backdrop in Valencia, Spain and we will soon share the result with you. „Andalusian horses are amazing actors.“ The video will be published primarily via Youtube in early April. Together with its release, the song will be possible to download and listen to the song on Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, Pandora, Spotify and many more.

In the studio

The studio work on her first solo album is now complete. Daniel Hádl produced and wrote more than half of the songs. The American musician, composer and lyricist Ian Kelosky wrote other songs and their English lyrics, and one song is by David Deyl. A brief taster of one of the songs has already been published on Instagram. “I’m glad that we’ve managed to put together such a great, creative and cool team. I am highly satisfied with the results of our work, and I’m looking forward to the audience reaction.” But the work is far from over when the recordings have been sent off for mastering. She is currently planning a video for her first single, and the album is slated for release in the first half of 2017.


This year Petra is working on her first solo album. But a pop singer must have an interesting image to go with quality music. The great Czech-Slovak fashion photographer Anna Mrázek Kovačič took on the task of photographing Petra. “I was so happy that Anička Mrázek Kovačič would be photographing me. I’m absolutely thrilled by the pictures. Anička depicted my femininity perfectly, and showed me in a way that fans don’t yet know me,” said Petra about the photo session, and she also expressed her thanks to Jana Kapounová, who looked after her styling, and makeup artist Margita Skřenková. You can take a look at the result of this photo session in the gallery on Petra’s page, and they will very probably appear in the media too.

Solo album

Petra has acted in films, for four years she appeared in the television series Rose Garden Medical Clinic, she has performed in musicals and toured with a band, so there wasn’t time for a solo project. But she is planning to change all that this year. She has been thinking about doing a solo album for a long time now, but she had no time to develop this project due to the job offers that kept flooding in. But Petra has decided to change all that, and this year she is concentrating on recording her solo album. Recording an album is too much work for a single individual, and so Petra has expanded her team. The highly respected Daniel Hádl, who is responsible for more than 170 albums of leading Czech artists, has agreed to produce her album. The album should hit the market before the end of this year. But in all probability we will hear the first single before the summer.